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Latest info. will be announced by K. JUNO on facebook and twitter.
K. JUNO page on facebook is here.

what's new?
CLOUD FOREST is going to release a new album REBIRTH at the live show at Nishikujo Brand New, Osaka.
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K. JUNO joined the band CLOUD FOREST and recording the 1st album, which will be released around this winter!
Check out the next live schedule and watch some music clips on Youtube!

JUNO Vol.1 plus FATE is again in stock at CD baby.

Welcome to sure!!
Here is our featured artist K. JUNO's new album "JUNO Vol.1 plus FATE".
Now the cd and MP3s are available over the world.
Just listen, give the feedback and tell your friends, and enjoy!

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You can also listen other audio clips at our official online cd shop CD BABY and on RADIO (follow the links above).

MP3s are also available at apple iTunes store!

It's been a while since this site was loanched.
I will find time to revise it little by little.....
Sorry, but feel free to post messages via SNS through the link on top of this page.
You can post Chinese messages, JUNO will understand, but may reply in English because of her input methods.

fate (i need you more than i can say)
helpless question about life
love me (can't stop loving you)
pop and catchy 80s rock
fighter in the screen
price for being a HERO
do you know
sweet love ballad
horse of fire
you think you can tame it
the skies are falling down
classic rock not meant for dancing
pale rose
stalking kind of love song
the rising sun
70s hard rock taste
the song of the dawn
makes you wanna go home
fate (instrumental)
karaoke version
JUNO Vol.1 plus FATE
- K. JUNO -
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