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music style
Often reffered to 80s hard rock vocals, but the music itself is rather close to 70s classic rock. In higher pitch than any other high pitch hard rock vocalists.
Scarcely influenced by domestic (Japanese) popular songs.
Also wrote the lyrics to the theme song "through the years and far away (hello, little star)", the theme song of a Japanese CG animation "The voices of a distant star" by Makoto Shinkai. The taste of the music may quite different from typical of JUNO.

favorite musicians & influences
paul rodgers (bad company), rod stewart, teena marie, joe lynn turner, david coverdale, (but not PURPLE,) jeff beck, gary moore, stephanie mills, jenifer holliday and many other great, emotional singers and guitarists.
marvin hamlisch, miklos rosza, john williams and other dramatic film music authors.
sam hui /許冠傑, a song writer and actor from Hong Kong, the brightest star, maybe the SUN risen from the EAST (let me include myself!). I'm not sure if sam hui has affected me on anything (I hope he has), but I have studied Mandarin and Cantonese in Shen Zhen, the next city to HK, have several years career as an action actress, and now is a singer songwriter, not intentionally. All of these just HAPPENED. I should say it's a miracle.....

favorite actors
meng fei /孟飛 who has the deepest influence on me from all points of view. While I was in a stunt team, I recorded and watched again and again almost all martial art movies broadcasted on TV to for tips for choreography. I was about to give up acting when I saw Tan Tao-Liang and Meng Fei's "Young Hero Of Shaolin", which changed my life. Without this encounter, I must have given up acting halfway, and would never have been to China, so that would never have seen the world, as a result, would never been able to write songs. The hero he acted has also impressed me

similar artists
I don't know, none of my friends does either.
Suggest me if you think of any similar artist!

Born in Japan and learned singing from a music teacher (for free!) in her junior high days, and learned to play the guitar by herself at the same time. Played in some bands at university but suddenly quit music and joined a stunt team and spent several years on stage, doing "Power Rangers" kind of shows. One of the colleagues those days is now working in U.S.A., as one of those heroes on TV shows.

fate (i need you more than i can say)
helpless question about life
love me (can't stop loving you)
pop and catchy 80s rock
fighter in the screen
price for being a HERO
do you know
sweet love ballad
horse of fire
you think you can tame it
the skies are falling down
classic rock not meant for dancing
pale rose
stalking kind of love song
the rising sun
70s hard rock taste
the song of the dawn
makes you wanna go home
fate (instrumental)
karaoke version
JUNO Vol.1 plus FATE
- K. JUNO -
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